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Flat Jack Simmons


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I need help designing a t-shirt. Nothing new there then :)


The challenge guys and gals: I'm at a stag do at Headingley for the Windies game in a few weeks time. The day before the play-off final, not that that is any cause at all to worry :bobby::jailed::redcard::hanged:


Anyway, we have been ordered to wear a white t-shirt with a black marker-drawn picture of a legendary cricketer on the front and text about him on the back. Naturally I am flying the Lancastrian flag amidst the Yorkist hordes of the Western Terrace (:bobby::jailed::redcard::hanged: ) and have decided on the above icon of sport. I was that kid in the infant school class who got pissed off when the teacher said we weren't going to have lessons, we were going to draw instead - I just can't do it, I need help! I think it's part of the idea that it's going to be sort of authentic and crap, but if I just have summat I can try and copy off... :pray:


For them that don't remember, Jack was a cap wearing right arm off-spinner who played at a club level until his late 20s, when he made it with Lancs. As well as being a very mean bowler who pioneered spin bowling in the one-day game, his lower order batting saved the day on many's the occasion.


However, this is not the only reason why he is a legend. His exploits in the chippy ring through the ages - his regular "Simmonds Special" was a tray with double chips, large fish, a pudding at either end, with peas, beans and gravy over it. Which he ate for lunch, before returning to play top level professional sport. His figure was suitably robust, yet he played for us into his late 40s.


Any ideas I can copy for the piccy on the front? They can be as daft and crap as you like. Expenses in the form of a pint of beer may be provided for submitting artists :awooga:


PS note to self/Board - we need a Lancy emoticon!

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