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Shaun Garnett

Will you send him to the sanctuary?  

93 members have voted

  1. 1. The Vote:

    • Yes, what a donkey - send him down
    • No, you got it wrong - he was ace

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Although fans would be forgiven for not recognising Applebly even if he hit them on the bonce, Appleby was saved from the Sanctuary of Shame. There was some vitriol, but hey this is a football forum.


As Jay-Z would say, onto the next one:- Shaun Garnett.




Garnett joined Oldham on 19th September 1996 for £150,000 (soccerbase) and made over 179 appearances for the club (playing for Latics more than any other club in his career), netting 9 times. He left to join Halifax Town officially on the 9th September 2002 on a free.

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Donkey? Nah. He was a proper solid centre half, unspectacularly reliable. I remember being pleased the day he signed (also because I'd pulled, really unexpectedly, the night before). We had Steve Redmond and Richard Graham, but the latter was suffering with injuries and the former didn't play the whole season. I think Hodgson came in later that season too.

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christ knows how he's got in this list. not what you'd call a talent, but a donkey? better than most players who've worn the shirt since he left.


Credit to the Villains, it was actually requested by the public, pfft - what the hell do they know? :


Dont think he was a donkey, but he certainly was :censored:e.


Shaun Garnett, Stuart Thom, Ian Ormondroyd, Jon McGinlay, Ben Burgess


Now they, were donkeys!!!!!!


Rodney Jack was never here! St Vincent and the Grenadines was it?


One of my first Latics memories is how much I disliked Garnett. In my mind he's the worst centre-half we've EVER had. On a par with Lord N'Diwa :lol:


I'm firmly in the 'Garnett was gash' camp. Ten bob head. Pony.


Not forgetting [donkeys like] Shaun Garnett, Ian Ormondroyd, Stuart Thom


I think the Shaun Garnett question needs asking next.


And the u-turn of the month award goes to Lookers Carl:


[Garnett] solid, reliable player in difficult times.


A no from me

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:censored:ing rubbish. Seriously, you lot need yer 'eads read. Garnett and Appleby gambol free while our best manager since Royle is on carrot duty? :petesake:



Appleby should have gone in; I voted for him to be sent....

As for Shaun; no way. Not a world beater - but along way from being a donkey. Hell, when you look at the others that have played in that role for us; he's actually streets ahead of most.

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:censored: player is better than :censored:ter players. Big woop.

As I said, not a world beater, but that's not what we're debating. It's whether he is a donkey; a crap player - crapper than others.....and in that respect he is a good way from being that when compaired to other players in his respective position. Would you rather a Garnett in at CB; giving his all & giving you consistent performances game after game, or would you rather a Ben Futcher, Dave Beherall, Guy Branston, John Thompson, Chris Swailes, Terrell Forbes, Mark Arber in there ahead of him. I know where my vote has gone. Far, far worse than Garnett out there from our past.

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What I meant was the likes of Shaun Garnett, Ian Ormondroyd etc, fairly big not gifted with their feet, fitted the mould of donkeys moreso than the likes of Reid and Jack. Although garnett definitely fits the mould, sentiment dictated the no vote.

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