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Time for PD to earn his crust

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Only natural for players to be focusing on a game we haven't even been confirmed in yet, or at least to be thinking about the replay. Two important games before that and they need to be looking at each of those before thinking of Southend. Let's hope PD can keep them focused on the jobs in hand.

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To be compeltely honest Joe, I think we should be trying to extend (and we very likely are) any way


Eyres thinks PD is doing a great job too, but the atmosphere not quite there.


If he's saying what I think he's saying (and I can't listen to the audio) that being that the crack fans v players used to have in the lookers was mint, then I love him even more. I was thinking about this the other day, when somebodies story on here re-awakened my memory of that player screaming when he made a tackle and loadsa people ripping him whenever he went near the ball thereafter. There was loads of stuff like that, like getting inside super frank sinclairs head. Awww how I miss that stand. Even one of the more recent directors once said something 'the fans over in the lookers seem to make a day of things.' Now dont get me wrong I'm not saying knock up a temp stand, or anything stupid like that, and I understand why it had to go. I'm just saying I loved it over there and I miss it.

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