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replay ticket prices

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Now, a leaflet on the turnstiles marketing half-season tickets for Crimbo pressies.


Yes! This is a perfect opportunity for the club to get the lost fans back for the latter half of the season. The past times where we've not jumped on games like the ones coming up is so frustrating. It might be that the majority just throw the leaflet on the floor but it we can get 10% of the say 4000 extra fans coming back it'll boost our chances of that play off place.

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It may be just me but there is genuine optimism and excitement about the club at the moment. Sure they're not worldbeaters and it's unlikely they'll end up in the playoffs but PD's built a young side who work hard and have some class about them. We're scoring goals and winning a fair few games. Throw in potentially a Wembley appearance and a trip to Anfield this year and there hasn't been this much room for something good to happen of late. It could all come crashing down in eight days time and we'll be out of both Cups (I bloody hope not!), so let's take the chance to get people in while they can.

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SC still predicting a shortfall this year in excess of £1,000,000, before Anfield and JPT Final possibilities are taken into consideration. :disappointed:



Well reaching wembley in the JPT final and then playing the winners of City / United in round 4 of the FAC will get rid of that deficit !!!!!!!! :lol:

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i think it would make sense to giv a voucher to everyone attending the replay to get priority tickets for the potential replay (?????). Would help the correct people obtain tickets and may even put a few on the attendance


How ??? The only correct people who the club needs to commit to ensuring they get a ticket are those who commit to the club by buying a ST.


Turning up one night to get a voucher doesn't ensure the correct people get a ticket.... either give one each game or don't bother. To be honest if we get to Anfield, anyone who wants a ticket will get one.


P.S Can someone enlighten me what criteria to follow to know the who the correct people are ??

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