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Last game for Robbie Simpson tomorrow ?

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get behind him and the team, show him the fans want him there, and we never know. if he stays he'd be a fans favourite in a season or two aswell


he will be subbed with a minute to go, and get a standing ovation/chants of sign him up etc


if we beat southend he will be a tic in january. the finances the scouse game will give us will see to that

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It had better not be :disappointed:


I haven't wanted a loan player to sign up as much since Neil Adams.


Very skillful & his delivery is something we have not had for many a year.


Let's hope he is back on Jan 1 , ready for Anfield & Wembley.

it will be his last game till at least January :disappointed:

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i urge every fan to sing his name all game we can not let someone of his class walk away


in a weird way the time he is away between now and xmas might make him realise how much misses us


there were a lot of fans who questioned his signing but the lad has been different class


thanks for the memories robbie (please come home which is here after)


he is possibly the only hudds player who if he ever come back with them who should minus the idiots get a standing ovation


1 robbie simpson

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