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Today's Referee

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Kevin Friend


I really dislike this bloke.


Was in charge of the New years day 5-0 demolition of Forest when he sent off 2 of theirs and gave us 2 penalties which Lids tucked away.


And IIRC was the ref when we won at Millwall with a Lee Hughes treble.


Probably been demoted though for the red card at Fulham on Monday night.

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The Gospel according to Wikiwotsit:



In February 2010, Portsmouth manager Avram Grant was charged by the FA with improper conduct for confronting Friend at half-time over a number of the official's decisions during his team's eventual 1-1 draw with Sunderland. Portsmouth had two penalty appeals disregarded by Friend, who earlier in the match had sent off Portsmouth's Ricardo Rocha and simultaneously awarded Sunderland a penalty. He went on to issue a further two red cards to Sunderland players Lee Cattermole and David Meyler.


Friend came in for eminent criticism following his handling of a League One match on 10 April 2010 between Norwich City and Milton Keynes Dons. Friend issued 11 yellow cards, including two to Dons player Aaron Wilbraham, disallowed a 32nd-minute Norwich goal for a dubious foul on the goalkeeper, and failed to award an 82nd-minute penalty kick for Norwich for an apparent handball by Wilbraham prior to his sending off.


On 27 November 2010, Friend was censured by Cardiff City manager Dave Jones for failing to award his team a late penalty in their 2-1 defeat at Queens Park Rangers.


He has averaged just short of 3 yellow cards per game from 2003/4 season to end of 2010/11 and 0-18 reds in the same period. He doesn't seem to make a lost of friends (sorry) but we should finish with 11 a side following those stats.


I'm bored. Can you tell?





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You honestly think this was a 'good tackle'?


He gets the ball in its entirity.


The Fulham player then comes across after the ball has gone.


Sorry, but there is absolute focus on playing the ball. The Fulham player was second in that challenge. Absolutely no intent. And to say it is reckless is a remarkable stretch of the reality.


The problem with that decision isn't Kevin Friend. It's the stupid way referees are told to interpret the rules.

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That was a nailed-on red card!


10 years ago getting to the ball first meant you had committed a clean tackle. Where and when was the FIFA rule book changed? because I haven't seen it changed in black and white. Basically some poxy person has seen fit to "interpret" the rule book differently and some other dib dobs have followed. Kevin Friend (who I actually think is one of the better refs) included

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