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Attendance & Atmosphere last night

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The attendance last night was better than I sexpected and I think the club need commending for the offer which clearly helped significantly. I know there was a huge prize on offer but it was still a midweek game against unappealing opposition so based upon recent experience I think over 4,000 was a wonderful achievement.


I'm usually one of the first to moan about the atmosphere but that impressed me last night too. It was all very tense which doesn't help but just before the drum got confiscated in the RRE I thought it was really building up. When I first heard the song/chant they were all singing I thought it was ridiculous, then I thought it was just funny but I really warmed to it and as more and more people joined in it sounded great. Well done to all involved.


Has anyone got a video of the RRE singers from last night?

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Couldn't quite make out what the RRE were singing most of the time, but well done for making some noise. Although for me the number 1 song/retort I've heard from our lot this season came in Chaddy End on Saturday. Sheff Wed fans sung the usual 'we've got more fans than you' or something to that effect, the fans' response was to sing 'you've shagged more sheep than us' it might be childish but it made me laugh.

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