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Possible Mini Coach From Stalybridge Area

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Ok with me...

Sorted, I am just working on numbers.


With you 2 and my lot we have 10 so far.


We need another 6 or more and I will get it booked (would need some dosh upfront if thats okay? I would give you my address though so you know I wouldn't rip you off...... ha ha)!!!


Anyone else interested???

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At least 6 of us going from Dukinfield maybe a couple more we were going to get the train but would be intrested

Train isn't a good option for Duki mate, we looked at the train at first but last train from Lime Street back to Stalybridge is 10.30 and you wouldn't get back 2 miles from Anfield to Lime Street in 30 mins after the game through a large crowd!!!


Potentially getting a few numbers together now so that might get the cost down a little, I am going to get some prices today and will let you all know whats happening later!

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4 posibles from carbrook area think your leaving late tho ,you are aware of the road works between jn 10 -13 on M62 Friday evening will be chaos

Peanuts you may well be right mate, I think probably 5pm at latest would be more like it but kick off isn't til 8pm so we should be fine!


Still interested????

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Okay looks like we are getting somewhere!


Coach will leave Dog & Partridge pub on Mottram Road, Stalybridge at 5pm.


Price will be £12 or £13 (I am not making anything out of this, but still unsure 100% on price as I dont know what size bus we will be taking yet as we have the option of 16 / 24 / 33).


We are taking a 14 and 15 year old and my mate has his 12 year old so anyone bringing kids is more than welcome but all kids must be kept on a leash!


Please PM me if interested by Monday 19th if possible and I would need payment by Wednesday 21st!!!




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