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kit for Anfield ?

which kit?  

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  1. 1. which kit at Anfield?

    • BLUE?
    • BLACK
    • WHITE

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On MOTD this week the commentator said one team was wearing their "Change kit" I think it was Swansea as their usual white clashed with Newcastle's kit. I liked the hark back to the past, none of this "away kit" "third choice kit" or nonsense like England playing in red against the blue of France.


Do the kit of the two sides playing the game clash? No, fine, play in your traditional colours, if there is a clash, the away side play in their change kit.


So at Anfield they will be in red and we will be in blue.

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I may be a lone voice here but I've plumped for the black kit. I think it's the smartest of all of our kits; I'll always linked an all black kit to scarily good teams on computer footy games on my ZX Spectrum; it's the one that my son prefers to wear (and he likes to look like the players) and the owl. Never underestimate the owl. Sure, Suarez has played at a World Cup and many within the Liverpool squad have played top level European football but OUR OWL HAS ORANGE EYES.




Imagine being clattered in a midfield challenge, looking up from the floor and in amongst the glare of the floodlights you see Wesolowski wearing a badge with an owl with ORANGE EYES on it. Worth a goal start IMO.

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"Oh when the Blues go marching in""""""""""""""What a bunch of tits we would look singing that and playing in black/white or any other colour.Oldham Athletic play in blue and white and there is no logical reason to change that at Anfield.


I know there's no logical reason to change it at Anfield, but we didn't look a bunch of tits singing it while playing in black at Charlton and on many other occasions when we get behind the team playing in other colours.

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