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Win, lose or draw

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Enjoy the day, for some it starts as soon as Weatherspoon's opens it's doors!


This is the biggest gathering of Oldham fans in one end of a ground, for a long, long time; make sure you all soak up the atmosphere, have a great day but most of all.....make some noise!


We can make the difference, the lads will look to us to lift them when the going gets tough and react to our support, don't let them down!


Most of the team will never have an opportunity like this again, likewise some of us might not; don't blow it, embrace the occasion but most of all remember that we have a massive part to play.......ENJOY!!


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Couldn't agree more.


This is an opportunity that will not come around too often. The atmosphere at Everton was special. Let's try to beat it.


At the same time, we need to remember that tonight is not the be all and end all. If we get a result, unbelievable, but if we don't, there's still plenty to come.


I'd love to hear Anfield rocking to Que Sera Sera from our end at 9.45 tonight, whatever the score.

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One thing that has been mentioned this season is if we concede the players heads drop


Well we may concede tonight, just remember where we are and get behind the boys




Lets show the everyone what Oldham Athletic are all about, on and off the pitch

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i really cannot wait for 6,000 of us to burst in to oh when the blues after you'll never walk alone. :censored: the light thing...lets get anfield shaking and plant ourselves in the memories of the scouse as the loudest away following to go there for a long long time. COME ON OLDHAM!

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