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Immensely proud of Oldham Athletic last night.


The performance of the players, the performance of the fans were both towards the top of memories in more than 50 years of watching Latics.


A team that battled, played good football, never gave up. A team that had been very well prepared by the manager and coaching staff.


Supporters that gave great backing , and like the team, kep going for 90 minutes. Supporters that made the atmosphere to the match.


Even more possibilities of kicking on than after Everton.

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Well I couldnt get to game in end and listened to 5live and on chat.


Can only say the away support clearly audible from start to finish. Take a bow you lot awesome support and a credit to club. Well done to Paul and the lads for playing in the right way. The score really doesnt matter at all in end strangely pleased Shelvey got the third so no debate about the first two unfortunate goals. Simpson fab goal just looks better every time you see it.


Thanks for wiping out my student loan Robbie cant say how much you won me but best £30 I have ever used. ;-) getting a bet on the day after the draw a wise decision. (and I dont bet) Why £30 ? well a tenner from my dad, grandad and my own.


Come on latics make Wembley happen now and experience two massive occasions in one season. THEN three.


Best moment last night PDs encouragement for Smith. Pauls man management skills a credit.


So congrats to EVERYONE at OAFC last night for doing it the right way. PROUD of supporting Oldham.




Why can't you say? My student loan was almost 12k. Cant see you gettin odds that long!!

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What happened with smith?


As he walked towards the linesman to come on, PD called him back and give him a hug and, I can only guess, said something...."you're about to play at Anfield son, enjoy it!" perhaps


Fantastic moment I thought and summed up what a great job PD is doing, top,top man

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because I dont want to lol but i actually meant my bank overdraft. I thought it was £900 last night it wasnt. ;-) I had Simpson for first goal, and Liverpool 2-1 at ht. bet placed day after draw. Still dont know the amount fully as dads got the slip. If we had won 3-2 I was paying for us all to jet off to Florida ;-)



lol, fair enough then! i've been there with overdraft/credit card. it took a car crash to pay off mine (not intentional). bet you can't wait to go into that betting shop

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I could't get there either and listened on 5live. Really enjoyed there commentary, useful to hear what outsiders think when they haven't seen us play before:

1) they were very impressed with the Diamond/Mvoto centre back pairing (partic Diamond who Pat Nevin had seen in the past).

2) Impressed with Lee despite him being ourclassed by first Bellamy and then Downing

3) Thought Taylor looked a very competent footballer

4) Oddly Wes and Furman didn't get much of a mention but I guess they must have played well?

5) Tom and Scapuzzi mentioned in brief

6) Simpson featured quite well but Kuqi appeared to fade a bit from a good start

7) Cisak not a chance with any of the goals and put in a good performance

They also asked how come we are where we are in league one playing like this (I wonder what any Charlton fan listening thought of that given the hammer we got on their message boards just a month or two ago?). Pat Nevin responded saying that we will be inevitably raising our game and playing on excitement and adrenaline to begin with and his worry was that we wouldn't be able to keep going for the full match ~ looks like he got it right.

They also commented that we ought to have been ahead even before we scored with three excellent chances - what a differnece that would have made!!

Anyway very fair coverage I thought, no bias either way and anyone leitening would have been impressed with the club. Well done PD and co, don't think I have ever felt this way after a 5-1 defeat!!

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So proud to.be an oldham fan, the players, management and travelling supporters did the club, the town and lower league football proud.


Just unfortunate the scoreline suggests that we werent a match for liverpool.. Wont even waste my breath telling all my plastic man.u supporting friends/fam of how well we did.


Money prevails over effort most often, if it was won.on effort we'd be in the rd 4 draw. Fair play to scousers who stayed s behind to applaud our lads off the pitch. Immensley proud and a night I.will never forget. Those 90 secs of being 1-0 up... Well worth all the lows we have been thru recently. Love oafc, and a new love for the people of oldham who turned out last night. Lets fill huddersfield and enjoy the atmosphere all over again... And hopefully a few turn.up to a home game or 2.


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Just watched some of the LFC TV coverage via Sky+. Basically pictures of the crowd or commentators throughout the game with no sound.


Great moment when we score - hint of shock on commentators faces and then change the camera on to celebrating away fans.


All silent, but great anyway!

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A Liverpool fan work colleague sent me a text to say the resulat flattered them, that we were excellent for 70 mins and our fans were excellent for 95 mins. It was strange walking back to the car after the game (through a very dark Stanley Park!) not feeling demoralised after a 5-1 defeat. Everyone associated with the club were superb.


I just hope we turn up in numbers and in as good a voice for both legs of the JPT final. I already know we will next week. :grin:

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We were great yesterday. Never been so pleased with the team after a defeat. We were fantastic for 45 mins and the score line defo flatterd liverpool.

We are getting some good right ups in the press about how well we played as well so hopefully the players take the posative from the performance into the hudds match

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