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Lois Best

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Given that AH has left and the money from Liverpool and JPT it is hard to understand. Mind you, it depends on what her role is. Coud it be that AH supported her employment?


Lois did just about everything going down the years. I hate Latics at times I really do.

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How bizarre to lose such a person at the club?


I remember her as a supporter on the terraces in the paddock in the 80's, then there she was as the scary Chaddy the owl - bless, next time I saw her she was working in the club shop, then the next time she had been moved "upstairs" to a more supportive role.


A lady with such a vast knowledge

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its the sign of the times unfortunatley, not just at Latics but everywhere


I was made redundent twice in 12 months not long ago so i know how it feels


but we are a money losing business, there is no room for sentiment and if the "higher ups" feel that certain position within the club are not needed to save money then so be it.


The Liverpool game has nothing to do it, as most money made is already swallowed up by other expenses.


One day you have a Job and next Wam you are redundent thats how it works but im sure the club have gone through the right channels


Hope she gets herself sorted

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