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HTC Music


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Plug the usb cable that came with the phone into the PC and then the fone. For info, in case you haven't worked it out, the cable on the charger is a usb to micro usb cable, this is what you want.


On the phone, a usb indicator should have appeared on the notification bar, drag the bar down, select the usb and then select "mount as disc drive" or words to that effect (it may actually automatically pop up this window. Just checked, it does.


Now you should be able to navigate the phone with windows explorer, it should see it as a usb disc. I can't remember if there is already a folder called Music or media or if I created these on my Desire, either way, create a folder there and call it what you want, for simplicity sake (and the fact that you'll have to explain it to your lady afterwards call it Music, oh yes, I went there.)


Now drag and drop or copy and paste the music she wants into this new folder and away you go. When you are done copying music, go back to that usb menu on the phone and select "charge only", this unmounts the device and away you go. When the phone is disconnected and the music is launched it should automatically detect the music, you may need to tell it where it is, I can't remember.


This kind of says what I just said:




Or a guide to using it with itunes:



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