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Have you ever wondered...

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What it'd be like if 90% of the Latics fans in the away end sang for at least 90% of the game? How amazing would that be?


I've heard of other clubs backing a similar thing, I'm not certain (I think it's FCUM) but it's called summat like the 90-90 scheme.


It'd be great if all the away fans tomorrow backed the team from the moment the step on that pitch 'til the moment they step off it. How much of a boost would that be for our boys? Let's think about all the away games where there's been a decent atmosphere.


Scunthorpe 1 Oldham 2 Our first win of the season, and our first goal from open play. They pegged us back, but then big Matty Smith scored the winner.


Preston 3 Oldham 3, the ref certainly wasn't going our way and we came back from behind twice to get a point, we battled hard and our fans were terrific.


Leyton Orient 1 Oldham 3 The Cockneys scored first, in the first half we played crap, but we were still quite vocal, then Shefki equalised and we fully got behind the Blues.


Those three games stick out to me for having great atmospheres, maybe tomorrow, we can really spur them on, and get behind them as we march on to Wembley.


so sing your heart out for the lads and hope those near you get going as well!



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As much as I share your enthusiasm for a good atmosphere, and do my bit with the best (and loudest) zigga zagga's :D . It just won't happen.


There's far too many Latics fans who are content to travel 100 miles, pay £20 quid and just sit on their hands in silence.


I've never understood it, but the majority of our followers do the same, week in, week out. Baffling.........

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Personally think singing at football matches requires abit of Spontaneity. At the game I sing when I want to sing a few beers helps but is not essential when I want to watch the game I'll do that I dont get on the players backs like some but I will get angry from time to time.


I don't think we should try and manufacture the atmosphere too much I don't like the idea of people telling me what to do at a football match Those going tomorrow I dont think will need people telling them to sing I think most will be up for it anyway.

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