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No more Football Specials?

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The pulling up of the train track to the Oldham area means the end of the Football Special I suppose.


So - fingers crossed -we get to Wembley , then the train southbound steaming out of Mumps full of Latics supporters won't exist.

First went on one to the Ipswich cup tie in 1964 - it picked up in Shaw, and two others are notable too. The first was the LeagueLiner in 1973 to Bournemouth, complete with disco carriage. The other was Southampton in the Littlewwods Cup.


Will youngsters ever get to sample such delights?

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Went to the Southampton away Littlewoods Cup game on the Latics train. It was snowy in Oldham IIRC and it seemed to take an age to get down to Southampton. After the game we were kept in for about half an hour while the home fans dispersed and we walked back to the station at a pretty quick pace. A minute or two after getting back on the train it set off back, I'm sure a few Latics fans missed that if they dawdled back to the station. Took an absolute age to get back too, finally arriving back in Mumps at about 4am.

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