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Next Seasons Home Kit

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Are we due a new home strip next season ?


If so, would you like to see a return to a more predominantly blue kit, or are you happy with a slight variance on the current strip ?


If i'm wrong and we've still got another season.....apologies, it's my age.

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all blue home kit with a tangerine trim to keep everyone happy (personally not arsed about tangerine)


and then all red away kit because we had our most succesful time in red away even won promotion wearing it


and for those who dont want red becuase of a manchester club , they dont care about us so why care about them and it will have the owl on your chest not a :censored:e devil

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I like the current home kit, I'd like us to stick to a design which when people see that kit they immediately think "thats Oldham" rather than play in a Chelsea kit and then you wear the shirt and people are always asking you who it is


Agreed, but I don't think the current home shirt offers that. Oldham to me has always been blue, with a touch of white and a touch of dark red (like on the old badge). There's too much white on this kit.


Maybe something that fits in with the new badge/merchandice such as all blue with gold trim?

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For me the priority should be to get a better kit sponsor so the replica kits are better quality. I have purchased one cabrini kit and it is awful, I am not handing over any more money for kits until they improve.


I have probably been one of the biggest critics of the carbrini kits but to be fair I think the quality of the black one this year was an improvement. However, I think having carbrini as the shirt sponsor and manufacturer makes the shirts look like a 'carbrini football shirt with an Oldham badge' as opposed to an 'Oldham Athletic replica kit made by carbrini', largely because the carbrini branding is stamped all over it (the sponsor, the C on the sleeves and the carbrini logo where the manufacturers logo normally goes)


Would not surprise me in the slightest if our kits next season were made by Fila, dont ask me why

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