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Complete games on player

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Definitely. Would get far more subscribers.


Said it before and i'll say it again, whilst the interviews are very good the highlights package we get in comparison to other clubs is pisspoor. Other clubs get Youth and Ressie highlights, classic matches and extended highlights. All we get is three or four minutes at most. It is something that needs pushing as this if delivered to its full potential could be a much more valuable revenue stream. Sadly the club won't pay for a Web Monkey* that can deliver the afore mentioned, instead they'll struggle along. Hopefully Mr. Joy will realise that if you put a suitably qualified IT womble* in place, it will pay dividends. However, I won't hold my breath….





































*Womble and Web Monkey meant as terms of endearment

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I would pay if we did that for sure


Do they do away games as well do you know or is this just home?



From my brief look, they had complete away games from Rochdale and Scunthorpe as well.


None of the games I checked out had any commentary, just crowd noise.

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What really sums up how :censored: Latics Player is when I went to watch the Chesterfield home match again, mainly to see the early chance Kuqi missed, which I couldn't see so well from the Chaddy. As it turns out it wasn't even :censored:ing on! Our main chance, where we hit the post, and they've neglected to show it. Of course we get Chris Taylor's bobbler from about 25 yards out which the keeper could have thrown his cap on to save.


Mind you, even for games we win quite convincingly I'd not sit through a while 90 minutes of it again. Do Stevenage do that because it's actually less work to do so, not having to edit a thing and just upload a massive video file probably overnight?

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Stevenage have the regular official edited highlights as well as the whole game. I don't think the clubs have anything to do with the editing of the highlights.


A few seasons ago, as well as the official couple of mins of highlights that we get now, Latics also did their own editing and we had about 10+mins of play + commentary. That would involve man power to sort out but a straight unedited version wouldn't take much time up and an unpaid budding commentator shouldn't be hard to find.

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