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Charlton 1 Dale 1

Mongs 2 Bury 1

Scunny 0 Warsaw 1


That bottom scoreline means we could be minutes away from being only 4 points clear of the relegation zone, yes I know we have games in hand but we had those last season and the season before and were still sweating….


All finished as you were, so we're 4 points clear and Scunny are 2 goals better off….time to pick some points up and with 7 out of the next 10 at home (Inc 4 of the next 5) there really are no excuses….

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We've just got to focus on each game coming. If we start to look down we'll panic and do what we did last season - fall into a relegation battle.


The next 5 games are:

H - Tranmere

H - Colchester

A - Sheff Utd

H - Scunthorpe

H - Yeovil


The home matches are all teams that we tend to beat, obviously it's not in the bag but if we play like we can then we should be looking at roughly 10 points from them matches. That would leave us on 45 points with 13 games to go! We need to carry on playing as we are (apart from Franchise) and look at the positives of recent games. Furman and Reid coming back into the team will help as will the £15 deal with the fans getting behind the lads.

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Coleman has clearly had an impact at dale. Everyone bar Wycombe in m opinion will fight and pick up some good results. If we don't do the same then I dread to think why might happen.

Rochdales strike force confuses me .


They have a different strike pairing every week

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