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When did we last

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1. Come from 2 goals down to win a game?

2. Come from 2 goals down away to win a game?


In the 22 1/2 years of watching Latics home & away (even though I dont do as many away as I used to) - yesterday is as good a turnaround as I can remember. Especially as came against a team with such a good home record.


One of those games that makes trips like Yeovil worthwhile.

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That went



1-1 Liddell



2-3 Liddell pen

3-3 Alessandra

4-3 Taylor




Yep overall Millwall August 2008


Away from home JPT at Accrington 2007


2-0 down then goals from Liddell, Davies and Wolfy won it in the second half


In the league? Struggling…think it was October '87 away at Shrewsbury 2-0 down at Half-Time, won 3-2 thanks to s second-half Roger Palmer hat-trick. Ironically we were discussing that on Friday night! Of course we've come from 2 down to draw numerous times in that time-scale..but the last League win i'm sure was 25 years ago!

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crewe at home, kilkennys 2nd debut and he scored the winner, i think that was 3-2


Yep it was, but it was the year before the Millwall game same season as the Accy JPT away game where we were 2-0 down at HT. The Crewe game wasn't KK's 2nd debut, he played in the first couple of games that season then was injured, it was his first game back for about 6 weeks. 2-0 down, Allott bags one before HT, Wolfy heads us level with a few minutes left before KK sidefoots a 20 yarder to win it late on.

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