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Hi mate,


I am awaiting to see what the pricing structure is next year before another big push! Just got back from holiday but a last count 100-105 or there abouts season ticket money has been raised (Approx £1,000). Donations been slower as the season nears its end as less to be gained by those receiving the tickets


Cant remember who put the intial message on about the ball for the boy which I believe someone donated but I offered to donate a ST to the lad if he wanted one and someone could take him to attend the games. The offer was not taken up that I am aware of for the lad to have the season ticket which I offered but seems other liked the idea and agreed they would also like to donate and grow our fanbase and helps local children benefit


I have been working on donations ready for next season from local companies which I hope to come off as soon as details are announced on ticketing structure

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Now that the season has ended just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks to everyone who has supported and donated to the scheme.


I have had the pleasure of speaking to the club and based on the success of this season I will again be running and collecting donations for the scheme. This project will now be ongoing for the foreseeable future. With this in mind we are looking to help re-name the scheme 'Latics For Life Legacy'.


Of the children who received the tickets some have attended every home game seen being in receipt of the tickets (all located within The Chaddy End) and can now be considered Latics fans which is what the scheme was equally designed for as well as helping out those children within the local community who were perhaps not lucky enough or able to afford being able to attend games.


May I also thank all Latics fans for being so accommodating and your kind words throughout the season. The work that Rick Attwood & Wendy Noble on the community trust have done on this project has been phenomenal and certainly without their help this would not have been the success it has been.



Next season we hope to raise in excess of £1,500 which is a large target although some money has already been donated to the pot by an extremely kind Danish person on here (the club may be in his username).

We are also helpful of receiving a sponsor of the scheme which will include exposure on the clubs website and hopefully a mention in a programme or 2. (Any offers please feel free to PM me).


This season we have also ran competitions for match day tickets and signed memorabilia. The plan is again next season to do this and maybe even an adult season ticket to be raffled off (to be confirmed)


Once again thank you all and any questions of donations please feel free to send/e-mail to laticsforlife@live.co.uk






A new thread will be created as soon as the ST details

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On behalf of Trust Oldham and the club - I would like to extend my thanks as mentioned by Dean to everyone who supported the Latics 4 Life incentive and made it the massive success that it was.


The hard work has started, young fans have been encouraged to come to BP for there first time, many made every game others just games they could.


The Latic bug for many as started and that is down to many on this message.


This thread will now be closed and Dean will start another for the forthcoming season. Once again thank you to everyone who helped make this a success and if you want to donate for next season - give what you can.


OWTB !!!

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