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Agree, it is a very poor product. Sometimes I can get uninterrupted commentary yet at other times it is more off than on. Is it the server, the signal, the device, or the browser.


Whatever it is it needs attention....it only works out at 75p a week but it's so bloody frustrating when it keeps going off.



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disappointment yesterday was not being able to listen to portsmouth commentry....cannot stand ours!


mine cut out a few times as well

Mine was also cutting out. Goals and score came out on Final Score before the 'live latics player'. It's not a streaming problem at my end because I have pretty good internet speed. Isn't this run by the same company that provides the web site. I've also noticed that the live table doesn't update properly. Last season the positions changed, but this season so far the points change eventually, but not the positions. Total and utter crap service.

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Latics would like to apologise for any inconvenience experienced with accessing Latics Player this season.!




Amazing - its not the cache that the problem it's the frequent commentary cut outs, and it's about time the commentators came on air at least 10 minutes before the kick off rather than 1 minute before, other clubs do it why not the Latics ?

There seems no will to properly resolve fans complaints IMO.

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I'm listening Mr BP, and although I suspect you'll be at BP, I'll speak to Roy and we'll get on air at 2.50 tomorrow to at least check that it's working.


Hopefully our regulars such as Bob, Bristol and Singe will be able to confirm.


Please tell them to come clean and admit the problems are not at our end! People would be more understanding if you (they) stop blaming the paying end-user and get it sorted

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