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Useful Big Brother Links

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I swore that I would neve watch Big Brother again and avoided the last Series (and the Celebrity one). I find myself drawn back though and as we now have our own brand-new shiny sub-Forum, I thought I'd put up a few useful links.


Channel 4 Big Brother Site


Big Brother Online Forum


The Sun Big Brother Site


Heat Magazine - Chris Hall Article


BB Betting Odds


The Only Fit One. WL :D



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Guest sheridans_world






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Didn't I read on another thread that you thought Lesley would win Inspiral, 33/1 with Stan James (maybe worth a punt?). I don't watch it myself so I haven't got a clue.


It was Laura Htc.


I read through the stuff about her and then when I saw and heard her, thought she was inoffensive, relatively normal and actually quite a decent person. She was also well received by the baying masses outside. She is no threat to the girly voters who never go for the fit birds and also, she will have a Nation behind her. Plus she is white. It is totally wrong but that appears to give you more chance of winning a Reality TV Show.


She also doesn't smoke. I think come July 1, (or maybe by July 3), the nicotine addicts in the house will be begging for eviction. I really do think that the biggest twist this year will be a total ban on smoking within the public compound - and that will include the outdoor bits.


I got on her immediately at 16s on Betfair and she is now down to 7s where I have laid off. I also traded on a few others and so have a nice green book already!


If you follow simple rules; don't get greedy - and more importantly, watch the polls, then there is money to be made on this kind of event. I would never use a traditional bookie though as their odds are always far too cramped and don't allow you to trade out.


Meanwhile, Lesley has no chance IMO. Neither has Millie Tant (Carole) and I couldn't believe it when she got as low as 7s on Betfair (now out to 12s). It would not surprise me if the two older ones are up for the first eviction since they simply do not fit in.


From what I have seen so far, I really can't see anyone falling out with Laura so would be surprised if she ever faced the Public vote.

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