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LOTW - 7/6/07 - Earl Barrett


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Welcome to the eleventh Latics Legend of the Week. This week it's another one of Big Joe's men, Earl Barrett, the only Latics player to win an England cap, I believe.*

We're looking for you, our members, to post their memories, anecdotes and stories of our weekly Legend. Anything at all.

Mate of yours? Met him in a pub? Go to school with his Mrs? Get hit by his car? Had a scuffle with him?!
Anything and everything!

If you have access to some season stats or career stats then post those too; pictures, videos, songs, etc, etc...!?
Post them all!!

* - Correct me if I'm wrong!

A couple of very simple rules:
1. Please stay on the topic of a single legend at once... it probably apparent why by now.
(If you would like to suggest an upcoming legend then please feel free to PM me)
2. Please don't post anything which may subject you to libel... as OWTB cannot be held responsible for that.
3. Have fun!

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My favourite Latics defender, and must be a shout for all-time greatest Latics defender (I can't quite remember George Hardwick and Irwin was still developing as a player with us). My enduring memory of him as a player was the total confidence I always felt sweep over me when I saw him coming to cover any danger. Our backline sometimes had a lot of work on their hands as we attacked in occasionally kamikazee numbers, Earl was the key man in ensuring that when we scored 14, they didn't score 15.


I have never been able to persuade any supporter of any other club that he wasn't rubbish.


And he showed a lot of dignity when half of the Chaddy started singing, "Oooh Roger Palmer," to him at the All Stars game before realising the likelihood of Roger turning up in a sharp suit were less than zero.

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Absolute legend... my two biggest memories of earl are:


- Him playing in the England B game at walsall which was immidiately after that lovely game with Sheffield Wednesday... me and my dad went down and waited by the players entrance for the team to arrive.... and earl stepped off the coach looking very sheepish, to which me and my dad started chanting "You will never beat earl barrett" - he was geninely stunned, and actually stopped and said "I cant believe I am playing for this team, never mind people have come to watch me..." and chatted for about 5 mins - he asked us to wait after the game and he would give us his signed shirt... but we never found him... :disappointed: (also at the same game i have never recieved so much abuse from hammers calling us cheats :grin: )


and then when we were away at Villa, which was the first game after they signed him (I think) - he played at left back when all the away fans sat down the left of the ground.... I rmember him having most of our attack in his pocket for the entire game, and the whole latics following standing singing "you'll never beat earl barrett" He stood for about 5 mins after the game applauding us - we lost 1-0 though :(


always seemed a brilliantly understated and humble defender... top legend!

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Not the most gifted footballer you will ever meet but probably the best athlete we have ever had at the club. He had a great turn of pace and tremendous upper body strength which mean't that he always won a race for the ball with a centre forward and steered the ball back to the 'keeper. One thing really stopped him from reaching the very top, and that was he had even worse distribution than Scott McNiven. This wasn't so much a problem when he played centre back but cost him dearly at full back where the likes of Big Ron always wanted to play him.

I still see him and brother Floyd out on the lash in Rochdale from time-to-time and he always has time to speak to a (usually drunk!) Latics fan. He is a true Gentleman and the toast of every away fan to BP since the early 90's.

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