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Over 50s 5-a-side

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Hi guys, my name's Scott and I'm one of the coaches at the Community Trust. We're really pleased to have this session set up now because when it comes to veterans football a lot of people are put off due to the 35s and over rule which tends to result in these sort of set ups being filled with borderline dubious 30 somethings, and there's clearly a difference between what we can do at 30-35 and pushing 50 and over. Coming along to this sesion doesn't mean you're handing yourself over to Mother Nature as someone who's over the hill, its simply vets football as it should be. Whether that's what you want or just a chance to regain fitness or to keep yourself ticking over, it's going to be enjoyable and we hope if we get decent numbers then it'll create a snowball effect with different sessions popping up all over the borough.

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I'm still playing at 51 in an all age league in far north NSW Australia. in fact, my team was the Australian amateur team of the year last season. Can't say i get done for speed that often and I've never been fast - stamina was always my thing. Lots of fat, unfit youngsters out there never mind the over 50s.


Highly recommended what ever shape you're in.


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This is a great idea. Having both played 5-a-side and successfully passed a 'Well Man' check-up recently, I would be up for this if I lived in Oldham.

Have you seen if there is one in Burton or nearby? I wouldn't be surprised if there was

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