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Managerial stats November 2013

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Pedantic me wishes to point out that you've missed off TP's spell last season. But as that is not really relevant to the discussion, it's a bit of a moot point.


Well, I hope you never have to rely on looking at detailed reports. Oh...

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Good grief. Is there anybody who can read a simple spreadsheet? :grin:


The historical figures that I've cobbled together are ripped straight off Wiki, however I update the spreadsheet with new data every season, a change in manager or when somebody requests it. So, it may not be 100% accurate but I'd hazard a guess at - oh I don't know - 31st October to 7th December 2001? It overlaps Mick Wadsworths stint, but that may have been the case...


EDIT: Mick Wadsworth may have started 07.12.01 not 07.11.01. I'll change it for future versions.

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