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But it's £1.20 a pint...!?

If you're going for cheap over quality/basic hygiene, it's £1.65 a pint in the Penny Farthing (by the Royal Court) but you get free bacon butties before 11am.


That's an even worse :censored:hole than McHale's though.

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There and back on the day. I might get the 7.47pm back otherwise i'd miss my last train from London.


Just talked to me Dad and the last train back to Bristol (where he lives) is around 7 so I'll probably go for the 7.47 too

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9.15 - 7.47 for me!!! Price of the tickets ......... there's now an entry fee for the quiz. Three rounds already in production ..... running out of, well Liverpool themed questions though so I'm going to pick a random town / city instead.

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My boss wants me on a 7am flight to Copenhagen that Monday to meet and greet a client... I am doing all I can not to have a sober visit to Anfield!!

Ask Will to drive you and you won't need to worry about it.

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