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First love Latics - other teams?

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Got talking on Sat regarding other teams we support outside of England and some interesting teams came out.


Mine were;


Scotland - Hearts (since they last league / cup same week in the 80's :disappointed: )

Denmark - AGF AAhrus (seen several times when I was going out with an 18yr Au pair from there ... I was 29 :grin: )

Holland - SC Heerenveen (everyones second fav team in Holland ... great shirt)

Germany - Schalke 04 (real down to earth club run by the fans)

France - St Etienne (Classic kit, great supporters)

Spain - Athletic Bilboa (same reason as Diego's)

Italy - Sampdoria (since Platt, guilett, Manchini et al)

Subbuteo - Melchester Rovers (my fav subbuteo team)


... yours???

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Holland - Ajax because I love the Amsterdam Arena

Germany - Borrusia Dortmund - Again great stadium, love the terracing there.

Belgium - Club Brugge - I had these in a fantasy football league when I was a nipper


Not really got any other fav clubs tbh

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England: Latics

Scotland: Gretna (interesting, considering today's talk - but because they used to be the works team of "Ferranti" which became "Zetex" which is in Chaddy and is where my dad's worked since I was a kid and he followed them through that).

Holland: Den Hagg ('cause my friend lived there and I just started to follow how they were getting on).


That's about it really... I like to see all local sides do well (Exc. Manure and Citeh, of course) and then just teams from places I know people, so I like to see the Toon do well, as I saw them a couple of times through a friend. Same with Mansfield (interesting for the Carling cup!)



There you have it.

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Lived in Germany 2001-2005. Had a season ticket for 1FC Kaiserslautern. Great stadium, great atmosphere, and you could take your beer to your seat! Downside was the standard of German league football is not a patch on ours. Don't know how they always turn out such a top national team.



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From the age of about 10 i spent a lot of time in Turkey and really enjoyed going to the games between the 3 big teams Galatasaray, Fenerbache and Besiktas, the atmosphere was amazing and not just inside the ground but all around the city. When they beat united in the champions league it was fantastic!!

I also liked watching football italia on channel four and had a soft spot for AC Milan and Juventus

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English Non-League - Mossley (watched them loads in the past) and Telford (used to live there).


Netherlands - FC Utrecht (lived near there for a couple of years)


Italy - Fiorentina (loved their purple kit!)


Scotland - St Mirren (Tommy Bryceland was transferred there and so I became a fan) and Falkirk (family connection)


Spain - Deportivo La Coruna (had a great night out in the pub with their fans before and after they played Aston Villa in the UEFA Cup in the early 90s).

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non league leigh rmi used to live there wathched them a few times in the conferance


scotland dundee utd family ancesteral home and they play in tangerine


no forigne teams just whoever about to put manure out

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England - Goes without saying

Scotland - Hibs, this comes from the time we sold Andy Goram to them in the 80's

Spain - Real Madrid, when all the Galactico's were in there prime probably the greatest club side ever assembled.

France - St Ettienne, my Dad brought me a kit home from a business trip in the 70's, needless to sayI was the only kid with one!

Germany - Eintract Frankfurt because of the fans link with us + Schalke 04

Italy - Lazio, stems from When Gazza went over in the early 90's and they started showing games on Channel 4.


And then basically anyone B*****d Rovers played when they were in the Champions League.

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Scotland: Hearts (when I went up there I was Aberdeen, but that swiftly changed).

Italy: Napoli (went to Naples at the right time as a kid)

Spain: Espanyol (goes back to the Paraguayan Benitez, who I liked)

Germany: Eintracht Frankfurt

France: Bastia (again went there as a kid)

Greece: AEK Athens (friends at Uni were AEK fans. Great picking up games on Brazilian pirate satellite for some reason)

Sweden: IFK Göteborg (went there as a kid)

Argentina: River Plate (I guess you pick one at some point)

Wales: Bangor City (University)

Croatia: Dinamo Zagreb (Holiday)

Georgia: Dinamo Tblisi (Oldham friendly)

Hungary: Ferencvaros (didn't get on with Millwall fans, would probably change on a visit)

Romania: Steaua Nicolae Balcescu (after problems with crowd trouble were looking to implement the idea of digging a moat around the pitch. And filling it. With crocodiles. Not sure it got past planning, but that's the type of outside the box thinking which is needed in football).

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england :latics of course


israel hapeol tel avivhapoel tel aviv


non league radcliff boro


spain real madrid


italy juventus


germany eintract frankfurt latics supporters team played them in football tournment in france 82 ,we lost on penalties when david shaw (cols brother ) missed the pen and eintract won the trophy ...(he still had a hangover from the night before ) great few days outside paris when we met lots of fans from other countries ..

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England: Who else?


Scotland: - Dunfermline Athletic (rivals for promotion to my mates team Ayr United about 20 years ago!)


Belgium: - FC Bruges (team of friends stayed with over there)


Spain:- Deportivo La Cauna (small team doing well in La Liga)


Wales:- Rhyl (me favourite UK holiday destination)


In Europe:- any team that plays scum!

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Non League - I did follow Radcliffe Borough, as I grew up with their captain of a few years ago, who was linked with Crewe and Forest. He gave it up and subsequently. My interest in them has vanished. Should really support if any, FC United following a lad I met in Ayia Napa's transfer to them from Maine Road. Jermaine Wright. Pretty handy player by all accounts. 8 goals in 18 games for a midfielder. Cant bring myself to go and watch him though, surrounded by a load of dirty reds.


Scotland - Celtic. The Family north of the border would kill me if I didnt.

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Non League - Hyde - My Dads 2nd team, he used to watch them a lot in the 70's/80's

Scotland - Hibs - not too sure why I know my Dad used to watch them when he was at University there

Holland - Ajax - always been a fan of them since the days of Davids, Sedorf, Kluivert, plus the link with Latics

Germany - Stuttgart - I visited there once, got lost and ended up in the club shop once too, I liked the city

Spain - Barcelona - I see them as the greatest club in the world

Italy - Sampdoria - same as Mark, I used to follow them in the Early days of Football Italia, plus I love their stadium

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Holland-Groningen as i spent a year with a dutch girl as a flatmate who was a fan

Spain-Atletico Madrid as I spent a year living in Madrid and after going to a couple of Real games decided to try out Atletico..much more like going to a proper game

Scotland-I take surprisingly little interest considering i live up here but i usually enjoy watching Hibs

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Am I the only one with a soft spot for an Austrian team?


Er, yes.


I was going to go and watch them the other week but they were playing Sunday and I had to fly home :-(

They play on astroturf don't they?


A throwback to the good old days :grin:

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My mum's from Salford (along with the rest of her side of the family), so I'm drawn to Man Utd, while my Grandad (on t'other side of the family) is an Oldham boy, so that's where my Oldham love affair comes from.

It's true to say that I was more of a Man Utd fan as a little lad - I was "too young" to go to see Oldham with my Grandad and hear all the rude words B)

You foul mouthed lot. :)

Didn't start reguarly attending Latics' matches until I was 11/12 years old, really got into it and I've been a season ticket holder ever since.

Seven years ago now. :tongue1: Time flies when you're having fun, eh?


Further afield it's Juventus in Italy (Del Piero was the BEST player on FIFA '97), Valencia in Spain (chose them on Championship Manager 2001) and RW Oberhausen in Germany (went on a German exchange trip with college there a year or two ago). It's a pain keeping up with all the jersey changes, especially as all 'my' teams were successful a few years ago. :(


Keep the Faith

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England - Latics

Scotland - Celtic (Irish heritage!) & Gretna (Loved watchin them go up through the divisions and very interested to see just how ambitious they are!!)

Germany - Eintracht Frankfurt (Fan links. Always great when they come across for a good old drink!).

Italy - Pescara (They had a nice kit in 1992)

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Non-league - Burton Albion - hometown

Ireland - Shamrock Rovers - great set of supporters, had far more heartache than they deserve

Spain - Real Oviedo - same reason as Shamrock Rovers



Plus I will always support whoever is playing against ManUre or Franchise FC.

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