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Most expensive ticket you've ever paid to watch Latics?

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I can't believe it was that much it 93/94! Sure you can get to tickets at Suprs and Chelsea for not a lot more these days.


Believe me it was , every time i went to London in those hazy days of the premier is was between £35 - £45 per game.

Spurs was the most expensive at £40 + with both Chelsea & Arsenal at £39 and £38 , think West Ham was cheaper but can't remember how much , sure somebody will know.

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I can't remember the most expensive ticket I've bought - probably Stevenage this season - but I recently found my Arsenal League Cup ticket from 89/90. I was surprised to see it only cost four quid to stand in the Chaddy. That seems really cheap.

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spurs wasnt over £40 when we was in the premiership been quite a few times most recently a couple of years ago and it was £36 then for a cat C game which i presume Oldham would of been in those days there was only 20 odd thousand there and we lost 4-1 cant remember who scored for us but we let a few late goals in and i think gerrard had a bit of a mare, it wasnt more than 30 quid in thats for sure. Arsenal wasnt the most expensive neither its only since they moved that they have hiked the prices right up, if my memories correct Chelsea started inflating the prices first but i still remember going to Chelsea in 1992 first game of the season when beasent was lobbed by henry from the halfway line to equalise that ended 1-1 and that definately wasnt more than £20 to get in, only around 20,000 there that day about a 1,000 tics, how things change eh.

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