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Pete kennedy? If so, confirmed. Also scratch. There are still a few places left. Let 's get them snapped up. 7pm thursday deadline. Numbers to be drawn then. Anybody getting paid friday but wishing to have a go, or wanting to pay via other method than paypal pm me or post queries below.


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Come on Chill get your finger out can u confirm receipt of my paypal payment sent circa 14 th may and get draw done for godsake.

Until you try to organise something and raise money for playershare then shut up.

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Brilliant idea suggested by a member on another thread so here we go:

A sweepstake for the world cup. You pay £10 for a number between 1-32. When the teams are all sold i will draw countries for each number. It will be filmed. The numbers are:

£10 a team

£100 1st

£50 2nd

Whoever draws England gets there £10 back

Playershare makes £160

Payments to be made via paypal playershare@laticsplayershare.co.uk

Put "sweep" and your name and email in the comments box and when rick confirms payment to me i will send your number. 1st come 1st served.

Payment can also be made by cash to me at the game tomorrow or i can arrange to meet people after the season. If the 1st 32 sell up pretty quickly i will run a 2nd 32 so feel free to have as many teams as u wish.

Inbox me on here or my email is c.hill1285@live.co.uk

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24 hour warning!!!!!!! Any more for any more? A handful left.


Since I thought of the idea I suppose I should join in, I'll go on paypal now.


*Note: Done.

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