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Body Bag League III Team Picks

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Sponsored by Co-Op Funeral Directors. We put the fun in funerals.


We're back for a third season!



1. Each player must pick ten celebrities who they think are due a visit from the Grim Reaper. You can shuffle your pack as much as you want up to the start of the game then these picks are final. Once they are submitted after that time, that's it - no points are accrued before the start. Each member can choose a CAPTAIN, captaincy doubles POINTS! Only one captain per team, per year.

2. Scoring is 100 - AGE = POINTS. Clearly those over 100 score minus.

3. BONUS POINTS GAME! Introducing the Spartacus Sweepstakes. Each player selects a date in 2015, nearest predicted date to Kirk Douglas' exit wins 25 bonus points! The bonus is triggered when Kirk snuffs it in this separate game - you do not have to select him in your team - however if you do, you collect the team points as well.

4. No kids/minors. It's sick, but not that sick.

5. Game time runs from 00:00 Jan 1st 2015 to 23.59 Dec 31st 2015. GMT.

666. All death dates are taken from Wikipedia

7. Each member has one team list post on this thread so we can all see the edit time stamps.

Off you pop. So to speak.

Anyone joining after 00:00 can play, but their scores will not be entered or recognised in BBL III. It's not fair on those who have locked in teams.

This thread will be locked at 00:00 Jan 1st 2015

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Can I just add, one of the things that takes ages is collating the info from this boards' format - it's a ball-ache. Please could we follow this format to make life easier for me:


FORENAME SURNAME (numbers, dates, ages or info in each line entry)


That's it. If you want to add extra info, please put it in BRACKETS. Please do not use SIR or MR or MISS or any other prefixes like a number or an asterisk for example. Clearly if you're entering from your phone this might be a bit of a nightmare, but if you can do the best you can it would be most appreciated.


So for instance;


GEORGE BUSH (senior, ex-pres - Captain)

RICHARD FLIEHR (Ric Flair, wooooo 65)

PATRICIA ROUTLEDGE (hyacinth bucket)

DAVID CAMERON (PM, :censored:)


etc would be acceptable. Spelling is not essential, but it helps. If you are unsure ask.



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Early team for me because I normally leave it too late


Chuck Berry (Musician/legend)

Mohammed Ali (Boxer) subject to change

Fidel Castro (Revolutionary leader)Captain

Barbara Bush (Ex presidents wife)

Pete Doherty (Tosser/Ex Libertines front man)

Roman Polanski (Sex Pest)

Roger Moore (Ex James Bond)

Bill Cosby (Actor/Comedian/Future inmate)

Stan Boardman (Unfunny comedian)

Glen Campbell (Musical genius)


Spartacus sweepstake 22nd July

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Going to have to think about this... Preliminary list


Mohammad Ali

Prince Philip

Justin Beiber

Ronnie Corbett

Rolf Harris

Harper Lee

John Cleese

Shane MacGowan

Kim Jong Un

Bill Crosby



Spartacus - 20th November

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First time for me ...



Bruce Forsyth

Mohammed Ali

Nigel Lawson

Stuart Hall

Sam Simon

Stirling Moss (capt)

Howard Kendall

Barbara Windsor

Clive James

Fidel Castro


Spartacus - March 31

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LEMMY (Amphetamine King)


NIGEL FARAGE (pron. Farridge, racist and media favourite)


GEORGE BUSH (Snr, one-term US President)


JIM CUNNINGHAM (Labour MP. I've been looking round for the most likely and come up with this lad.)


CLIVE JAMES (TV clip show man)


WILKO JOHNSON (guitar nutcase)


GLEN CAMPBELL (Wichita lineman)


ELIZABETH (II, tear me apart and boil my bones...)


LINDSAY LOHAN (last chance saloon for this so-called drugs and booze fanatic)


PAUL GASCOIGNE (Captain, pisspants)




Spartacus: 1 April.

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I am going to add to the list when I have a look who's riddled with illness etc, but this is a start :


Pete Doherty (Heroin overdose in-waiting)

OJ Simpson (Unconvicted Murderer)

Stephen Hawking (Genius)

Sam Simon (The Simpsons Co-Creator)

Jim Bowen (Super, Smashing, Great) - Captain

John Robertson (Martin O'Neill's wingman)

Liz Dawn (Vera Duckworth)

Gerald Sindstadt (BBC commentator - once bashed one out in a cinema)

Muhammed Ali (Legendary boxer)

Miley Cyrus (Our Doris has told me to put her in)


Prince Phillip : 13th September

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Sam Simon (Simpsons Co-Creator, 59) - CAPTAIN
Pele (Viagra user, 74)
Joost van der Westhuizen (SA Rugby player, 43)
Paul Gascoigne (Geordie, 47)
Glen Campbell (Singer, 78)
George Bush Snr (Former leader of the "free" world, 90)
Muhammed Ali (The greatest, 72)
Clarke Carlisle (Footballer, 35)
Clive James (Talkshow host, 75)
Michael Schumacher (Driver, 45)

Spartacus - February 19th

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Sam Simon (Simpsons Co-Creator, 59) - CAPTAIN

Pele (Viagra user, 74)

Prince Phillip (Greek, 90)

Paul Gascoigne (Geordie, 47)

Ian Brady (Mr Nice Guy himself, 76)

George Bush Snr (Former leader of the "free" world, 90)

Muhammed Ali (The greatest, 72)

BB King (Blues Legend, 89)

Clive James (Talkshow host, 75)

Michael Schumacher (Driver, 45)


Spartacus - February 19th

Is Sam Simon ill...

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Go on then......


Gazza (47..lost cause)

Fidel Castro (88 cuban bloke)

Wilko Johnson (67 Dr Fellgood/Blockheads..Cured yeah right!!)

Linda Rhonstadt (68 Singer....CAPTAIN.....)

Chaz Bono (45 Sonny and Cher's fat kid)

Clive James(75 :censored: aussie tellybloke)

Phil the greek(93 I want a day off work)

Morrisey(55 Legend)

Dickie Bird(81 sheepshagging umpire)

Amanda Bynes(28 u.s actress???)


Spartacus june 28th..

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Clive James © (75, Broadcaster)

Toni Braxton (47, Singer)

Michael J Fox (53, Marty McFly)

Pamela Anderson (47, 'Actress')

Prince (56, Singer)

Morgan Freeman (77, Actor)

Cher (68, Singer)

Rosie O'Donnell (52, Actress/Lezza)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers (37, Actor/Pisscan)

Glen Campbell (78, Rhinestone Cowboy)


Spartacus: 13 October


Terrible year for the music biz

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Right, initial list for this year - may be subject to change


Sam Simon (cheers pukka!!) - Captain
Mohammed Ali
Fidel Castro
Ian Brady
Clive James
BB King
Bruce Forsyth
Jimmy Hill
George Bush Snr


Spartacus - 30th June

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Edited and final version!


Steven Patrick Morrissey - (Smiths miserable frontman)

Michael J Fox - (Couldn't get past 2015 with a time machine)

Ali Carter - (Snooker Loopy)

Shia Labeouf - (not famous anymore actor) **CAPTAIN

Paul Gascoigne - (Geordie binge drinker)

Barack Obama - (Free World Leader)

Ozzy Osbourne - (Singing Legend)

Lindsey Lohan - (Rehab expert)

Anne Kirkbride - (Dierdre Barlow)

John McCririck - (Tic -Tac Man)


Spartacus - 21st May

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JSS kiss of life to the following:


Mohammed Ali (shaky boxer)

Dick van Dyke (cockney hero)

Jules Bianchi (crash test dummy)

Richie Benaud (whinging Aussie)

Miley Cyrus (wrecked ball)

Rob Ford (smoking politician)

Morrissey (swooner)


Diego Maradona (volleyball superstar)

Prince Philip (leering old man)


Spartacus - 3 April

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Chris Rea (Guitarist, 62)

Clive James © (TV presenter, 75)

Jimmy Hill (Football progressive, 86)

Fidel Castro (Revolutionary, 88)

Mohammed Ali (Boxer, 72)

Terry Pratchett (Writer, 66)

Justin Bieber (:censored:, 20)

Nile Ranger (Silly person, 23)

Lance Armstring (Cheat, 43)

Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai (President of Afghanistan, 65)


Spartacus 11th June

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Daniella Westbrook "Bolivian tourist board rep"

Paul Ross "Regular guy"

Leon Brittan "Completely innocent of all charges"

Gazza (Capt) "Can't be far off"

Prince Phillip "Same"

Shia LeBeouf "Fame, fame, fatal fame..."

Amanda Bynes "Same"

Zsa Zsa Gabor "Time for the pavilion"

Fidel Castro "Same"

Jerry Lewis "Same"

Spartacus - May 15th

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The following ten people can comfortably start planning for life in 2016:


Glen Campbell

Mohammed Ali

Caroline Aherne

Gazza (El Capitan)

Wilko Johnson

Clarke Carlisle

Jules Bianchi

Jim Carey

Winona Ryder

Miley Cyrus


Kirkster checking out on 1 December.

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