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Maybe of interest to anyone who was left disappointed by Father Christmas' offering this year...


Current season home and away adult shirts available for £14.99 on SD.com; you have to pay £3.99 delivery but can get 20% off today (New Years Day) using the code TAKE20. i.e. long sleeved home shirt delivered to your door for £16.



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Our kit has been a running joke this season. It's not just the poor quality for me though. it's the pound shop design as well, and it looks as though the sales have been :censored:e also.


It'd be interesting to hear what Carlilse, Port Vale, MK Franchise fans think about their Sondico kits. I'm hoping they're going to be of a better quality next season.

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anyone know if it will be changed come the summer? was gonna buy for my lad, but probably wouldn't bother if it'd be outdated come july.

Would think so yes. I reckon the :censored: design we've been landed with this season is because they weren't prepared and now they'll have had a full season do design a decent one and make up for it.


Not saying the quality will be good but I think the design will.

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