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OWTB Prediction League 2015/16

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Donations of £76.78 each made to both Dr Kershaw's and Latics Playershare. Thanks to everyone who has entered.

I think it's time we moved on and let him put his misdemeanours behind him. The boy has a right to try and get his predicting back on track. [/barry]   We'll be testing his piss frequently through

In as usual. Intend to make an effort this year.   Should everyone who was involved last year not have bonus points for fair play? Apart from one person of course.

Don't forget the rule change this season, guys 'n' gals. Predictions and/or edits must be posted no later than 10 minutes before kick off time or they won't count.


Now, where's the rest of you to beat last season's 32?

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Quickfire Guide to the Subscription League (it's very simple)


1. Pay £10 entry fee by PayPal to stevie_j@owtb.co.uk (link below) or PM me for bank a/c details if you'd prefer to pay by bank transfer.






2. Post your season predictions here - http://www.owtb.co.uk/index.php/topic/47395-subscription-league-season-predictions-201516/ before 3pm on Saturday.


3. Post your Walsall prediction here - http://www.owtb.co.uk/index.php/topic/47487-walsall-a-subscription-league-201516/ at least 10 minutes before kick-off and do the same for every other league fixture.


4. Try not to crack under the pressure of 24hours' mind games.

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