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Mansfield, Chesterfield or both?

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It's one or t'other for me..... two in two weeks will likely be a bridge too far. I'll get 'that' look if I propose a double header.


I went to the Proact last season but have never made it to One Call stadium [i don't know you lot but lower league football grounds have bl00dy stupid names, SportsDirect.comPark anyone?]


A quicky reccy on Mansfield sees a bit of trek. I thought I recalled a pub quiz question about the only league team without a mainline railway station being Mansfield, but maybe I'm confused.


Anyway, here's the details;


Mansfield [not Mansfield Woodhouse] to/from Kings Cross via Nottingham on Sat 7th Nov, currently priced at £35 return:

OUT 09:29 ARR 11:57 JOURNEY 2h28m

OUT 10:29 ARR 12:57 JOURNEY 2h28m

RTN 18:18 ARR 20:56 JOURNEY 2h38m

RTN 19:13 ARR 21:59 JOURNEY 2h46m


Alternatively, or for those of a stronger disposition than I, who can make both:


Chesterfield to/from St Pancras on Sat 14th Nov, currently priced at £38 return:

OUT 09:58 ARR 11:43 JOURNEY 1h45m

OUT 10:58 ARR 12:43 JOURNEY 1h45m

RTN 18:41 ARR 20:30 JOURNEY 1h49m

RTN 19:41 ARR 21:31 JOURNEY 1h50m


Any thoughts?

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Aidan & I have opted for Chesterfield and are on the 10:58 OUT and 18:41 RTN. Hope to see some of you there?

i think or hope you have made the right choice- Mansfield did not sound much fun- but not as bad as the mass hysteria on the Terraces forum! This is too expensive form where I live so my plan is a definite for Crewe- where we met last year- another classic

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