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Body Bag League IV - 2016 discussion thread

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Especially when it can't have been that bad if you posted this with 174 minutes of time remaining.




It doesn't take that long to copy and paste.

Like I said. Hallucinating. Look at the maths.


And you try cutting and :censored:ing pasting when you're genuinely worried about losing teeth through the insatiable vortex of your arse.

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If you were nearly dead yourself so couldn't post your picks, can you carry over last year's survivors, including Spartacus dates?

Why don't you just get Zorrro to reopen the thread and alter your time stamp?

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Think we all missed a trick with Wogan when we were doing our lists. He pulled out of Children in Need (not a euphemism) in November. Alarm bells should have been ringing then...

That was the first thing I thought when I saw he'd snuffed it.

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