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As I lay drying - Millwall 30th April

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Right. I'm off to :censored:ing Wiltshire.


FAO Leeslover and Rosa:


I've put you in the Altitude Suite. There's a wifi extension up there but the password is the same. The TV in the room is internet only - you can use either the Roku dongle or the app on the TV home screen.


I've not had time to go food shopping but we've got bread, eggs, baked beans and other bits and bobs. If you're feeling adventurous, I'm sure you know what to do with an onion, garlic, some herbs, a bottle of pasata and pasta. Help yourself to whatever you can find. There's also some bananas and an ageing mango.


There's some beers in the fridge but no wine - I bought you some and drank it.


If you're out locally, The Telegraph is better than The Nun's Head but Rosa will be right at home in the controversially-named Pyrotechnists Arms, bigorrah.


If you fancy annoying the neighbours, you can play your James Last Collection through the speaker under the TV downstairs, which you connect using Bluetooth.


Enjoy. Ya lucky bastards.

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