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A mate of mine needs a new TV.


Which one's are best for hooky stuff like Kodi?


He can work Android so is drawn to the Sony one's that have it but does he really need that?

Should he get one with a different (better?) operating system and just use a Fire Stick for Kodi?


Amazon Prime, YouTube etc.. are important as could be controlling it from an IPad/other tablet or a wireless keyboard...


Can any of you help him?

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Not sure you really need a smart TV if you're going to plug something into it that has Kodi on. The thing that has Kodi on is the smart bit.


A Minix Neo X8 with Kodi installed is the slickest out there interface and performance wise. Cost about £120 with the mouse thing. It's essentially an android tablet but your TV is the screen so you can download apps etc as you would an android tablet.

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