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Have any of you been?


The TripAdvisor forum is one massive Jargon-off and I can't make head nor tail of what they're on about.


We're there for 4 nights late May and could do with some pointers as to what to do and when - best times & routes for rides, parades, shows etc...

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There's no supermarket for basics so everything has to be bought from Disney shops.

Keep a plastic bottle to fill up with water from the fountains to drink if you don't want to be constantly drinking fizzy pop.

Steer clear of Hard Rock Cafe as it was rotten (maybe just my opinion)

If youre taking little uns and they have dressing up costumes at home, squeeze one in your case as every kid seems to be walking around in one and they are quite expensive to buy there.

If you're planning on getting pictures with the characters make sure you know when and where they will be as the queues get big and you end up trying to fight every man and his dog to get to the front. (It is like a military operation trying to meet your favourites)

For the fireworks/light show at night go early and get comfy, it'll be a lot of sitting around and waiting and take something to keep the little uns occupied (iPad etc) and also maybe something to wrap around you while waiting as it can get chilly. (It's worth it though)

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Hope for a moment like I had at Disneyworld California (sans kids). Queuing for something or other Snow White came past heading for the actors' quarters. A small kid said "Hi Ma'am, can I have your audograph?" To which Snow White, who was clearly having a bad day. snapped "Butt out kid"!, before storming into the dressing room. Possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen.


I imagine the law suits are still ongoing...

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