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Sorry to completely disagree with the sentiment on here but come on !


It's our arch enemies from times gone by - away for the first time in ages.


Every Latics fan should want to turn out - to be honest I wouldn't miss this if it was £50!


I appreciate the point being made but every Latics fan must turn out for this - and sing for 90 minutes

I'd be disappointed if we couldn't muster 3000.


Knowing our luck though it'll be postponed and replayed on a Tuesday night in January.

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Went out of business in 2011.


It's a shoddy tale, they should never have moved from being Horwich RMI in the first place! Leigh doesn't even have a Railway Mechanics Institute. They were pretty much forcibly removed to make way for the new stadium. I went to a Horwich RMI vs Latics XI friendly when I was a young un, and about 20 years on I finally get to see another Oldham team play in Horwich! Might have a drink at Horwich RMI cricket pavilion on the day too, for posterity. ;)

I remember watching Horwich many years ago and recommending a young player called Tony Ellis, he went on to have a very good FL career.

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A high percentage of the fans who

attend Bolton away won't attend home games...

Indeed. ..work e.t.c. .noblot away Edited by SAV
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