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Best ever Latics goal celebrations?

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I wouldn't say best but ones that stick out are McCarthy doing his somersaults? ....cheaper than going to sea world to see the performing whales ... Mark Hughes (no not that one) running around like a demented gazelle after a million games without a goal.

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Robbie Simpson running the length of Anfield to celebrate in front of us was pretty special.


Good Mark Hughes finally getting his first goal for us and going a bit mental, shooting and running about like a headless chicken.


Eyresy scoring a free kick in his 40s and holding his back and miming a walking stick.

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The choreographed celebration is something that I don't recall

Latics doing often / if at all. Or else I don't pay attention and focus on the celebration in the crowd.


Some good ones mentioned already:


Robbie Simpsons Anfield run.

Sean McCarthy somersault.

Eyresy walking stick - was that Derby away?

Kuqi last minute winner against Sheffield United away.



Other than that - Rick Holden's rib tickler celebration after a very deflected goal in the 2nd Division Championship season.

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I remember Pogliacomi coming up late for a corner and either scoring or setting up a goal with a header (against Blackpool i think) he ran over the box in the corner of the mainstand/chaddy and was lifted up by several players.. Was later told his family were in the box..


Please tell me i havent dreamt that

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