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Kids football coaching and/or teams in and around Oldham

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Can anyone recommend a team my 6 year old son could join?


Might be a decent thread to build up this - even some of the Athletico's might have kids one day :grin:


He currently goes to Mark Innes Coaching Academy at Crompton House School on a Friday at 5.30 (7 yr olds+ are at 6.30).

It's £4 a week and I can't praise Mark, his wife and their coaches highly enough.

They're really, really switched on & organised (he's been to others that were utter chaos!).

Always something different every week and they cater for all levels of ability.

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I can't recommend any clubs but I've just started taking our 3-and-a-half year old to Little Strikers in Hathershaw on Saturday mornings. It mainly to get him (and me!) out of the house at a good time on a Saturday morning really burning his energy off. Really enjoying it so far.

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