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£1600 is most certainly pie in the sky.


These loan players we have Corney reported we were paying their wages in full so that leaves us with 26 first team squad members.


26 x £1600 = £41,600 a week


41,600 x 52 = £2,163,200 yearly wage bill.


Sorry but thats just bollocks.


The figure I was quoted at £25k a week equates to £1.3 million a year which sounds about right to me and is roughly what's been reported in the past.

There was talk of a £1.7m playing budget earlier in the season. Not all players on the books for 52 weeks. Do we even have 26 full time pros?


NNN came back with the £1,800 figure from Corney. If it's bollocks, it's not complete bollocks.

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There's a difference between gross wages paid to the player and full employer costs (which include additional things like National Insurance and Pension contributions). In my line of work its typically assumed that the latter items add about 20% to the narrow wage cost. So it may be that the 1.3m and 1.7m are both right, give or take...

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14 minutes ago, mcfluff1985 said:

Asked him if it was a boost to have him back. Shez said no he had his chance when I started him and he got a stupid red so not a boost at all. And other bits I can't remember

Haha, they conveniently skipped them comments on the official site write up...

Classic Shez.

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