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Ironic choice of club as he spent lots of time clutching at it whilst he was with us.

Fantastic news for one of our old boys   David Beharall • 2nd Managing Director at Digital Agency - CandidSky | Ex-footballer at Newcas

Currently a very angry message board somewhere in France bemoaning the signing of shite #EnglishLads.

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Know what you're saying but he's hardly going to go on record saying what a :censored: job he did here and how he's lucky to get another one is he?


deyres42, have you had opportunity to read what LJ had to say regarding young Eddie? and why he asked Playershare to help out with his signing. Whilst I appreciate your opinion about the calibre of player you'd like Playershare to contribute towards I felt LJ's answer was honest.


EDIT: PS how do I get your Playershare pin badge to you?

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Signing Wellens may well keep him away from Baxter which can only be good for us.

Well said that man. For that reason alone I hope Richie ends up Donny's player of the season.


Edited to add that i've had the pleasure of meeting Richie a couple of times away from football and he seems a thoroughly decent bloke so I wish him well wherever he goes.

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No he doesn't. Yes, he was a :censored: manager, as I said for months before he finally left. However, he was a decent enough character with an eye for a player. It's just unfortunate he wan't really up to the job apart from that.


Of course he's talking up how difficult life was at Oldham; how else would he have got another job (let alone one in the Championship!)? Don't we all do pretty much the same thing when we go into a job interview?


I was always told to never slag your old employers off, especially in a job interview. Somewhere along the line it will bite you on the arse.


Let's be honest, he didn't get the job on ability, reputation or previous record. He got the job because John Ryan is his mate, neighbour and Man City sympathiser. Good Luck to him, his heart was in the right place and he wanted to do well for the club, he came up ultimately short as he didn't trust (A) What he signed & (B) What he already had at the club, instead greedily devouring the loan market. As for Wellens, he's still quality but become increasingly injury prone over the last couple of years. Turnbull's a good signing though.

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I'm in therapy, paying £50 an hour trying to recover from the mass downboating I got for spouting some bollocks last season.

You should be so lucky, I was something like -127 and a troll a few weeks ago....hehe, I've been called a few things in my time


Now I'm -49 and neutral, and if I can get in the plus by Xmas, I'll have to honour my player share pledge donation.

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Good cross, even better finish!


Just seen the Wigan goals. Misplaced pass from Mvoto led to Jennings wreck less challenge and red card and for Wigan's last goal he decided to just let the ball roll past him for the striker to strike home.


Like I said when he signed for us, he really isn't that good a defender, great in the air, but piss weak if the balls on the floor

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