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Body Bag 2019 - Discussion Thread


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1 minute ago, rudemedic said:

See this is why I asked the question. What's the politically correct term? 

For what? Celtic fans? 'Celtic fans' will do. 

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15 minutes ago, rudemedic said:



Or are all Fenians Celtic fans? 

"Gerry Adams is a Fenian," is a factual statement which may be neutral, intended to be insulting or complementary depending on context. I have no idea if Mr Adams supports Celtic or likes football.


"We're up to our knees in Fenian blood, surrender or you'll die," reflects anti-Irish racism and anti Catholic prejudice in the West of Scotland which spills over into football.


"Bradley Walsh is a good Fenian," because he gave, "Londonderry," as a wrong answer when it should have been, "Derry," is quite funny.



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1 hour ago, disjointed said:

Que Serah Doris, every football fan has sung her most famous song, most without knowing who she was. 

This was one of those where I read the news alert on my phone and thought ‘She was still alive...?!’

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Current scores on the doors: @Stevie_J has 21 points (John McCririck), @Frankly Mr Shankly is surprisingly languishing in 3rd with 66 points (Steffan Lewis), @oafcmetty is a close second with 90 (Steffan Lewis and Kathleen Bianco) and @rudemedic is in the lead with 92 (Steffan Lewis and Peter Mayhew).


Everything to play for with 3 and a half months left, though it's gonna be a big ask to catch the top 2 who both look likely to pick up more points - Patrick Henry Murphy Jr is scheduled to pick up 43 points for oafcmetty on November 13th, but rudemedic's captain Fernando Ricksen sadly does not look like he'll make it to Christmas. 

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