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21 years. 


The 2018/19 version doesn’t stop today.


F*ck Man United, f*ck City, f-*ck all the rest.


’Where is Dudley’ 2000 banner hung from the main stand.


Carlo Corrazin is number 19. 


Oldham 3-1 The Fraud


This is our f*cking year.


Choo f*cking choo.

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4 hours ago, oafcshuck said:



Lang scores from the edge of the box 


1-0 Oldham


Richie’s still f*cking clueless 


Twitter post from the Official OAFC at 15:20. 

Posted 4 hours ago... I make that 3:30 am. 🕞 


‘Good night’ shuck?

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Im actually quite impressed with Shuckys spelling and grammar when you consider the time he posts these and probably the state he's in. If I posted at this time pissed it would probably just be incoherent letters muddled together.

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