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Prediction League 2019/20

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Edit 26/7/19:

One detail I forgot in the posts below is that, whilst there will be no cash prizes this season, the winner of each division and the cup will win free entry to the 2020/21 Prediction League.



Edit 24/7/19:

It's that time again folks!  Incredibly, there are only ten days until the start of the prediction league season and as usual  @lookersstandandy is doing a sterling job of drumming up business and providing the build-up to the new campaign.
For anyone who's played before, it's pretty much the same format as last season - the number of players will dictate how many divisions there are - potentially four this first time.
Entry is only £5 for the season, to be paid via PayPal to stevie_j@owtb.co.uk (note the underscore - may be best to copy and paste the address and please leave your OWTB username in the PayPal message box) or PM me for account details for BACS transfer. Entry fees must be paid by kick-off of the first game of the season. Fees will be split between OWTB’s running costs and opinions4u’s chosen charity, the Roy Castle Ling Cancer Foundation, in his memory.  There will be no prizes this season. 
The league will be split into divisions (based on last season's league positions and relegations/promotions), and the exact set up will depend on the number of players who sign up, with places determined based on the following (in order of priority):
  •     position in last season's league;
  •     new players, on a first come, first served basis.
At end of this season there will be promotions, relegations and playoffs, as per the past couple of seasons (the exact set up of which I'll confirm when we know the number of entrants).
The Cup competition will run again too, with a similar set up to last season.
As in previous seasons, there will be a thread for each Latics league fixture in the Prediction League forum. Players must post their predictions for the relevant fixture in the corresponding thread. 
A list of signed-up players is posted here:
All of Latics' league games (but not cup games) will count in the Prediction League competition.
The League
I'll confirm the exact format as soon as possible after we know how many players we have. 
At the end of the season, the bottom three players in the Premier League will be relegated to the Championship, etc. The top two players in the Championship will be promoted to the Premier League. The players finishing 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th in the Championship will playoff for the final promotion spot. Additional divisions will operate as per the Championship. 
The Playoffs
The playoffs will work as follows:
Players will be matched with the teams finishing in the same position as them in League Two. For example, if Notts County finish fourth in League Two and Plymouth finish seventh, then the players finishing third and sixth in the Prediction League Championship will playoff against each other over two legs by predicting the outcome of the Notts County v Plymouth playoff semi-final fixtures. The same will apply to fifth and sixth League Two teams, which will correspond to the four and fifth Prediction League players. The first leg predictions will be posted in a dedicated thread as usual.  Second leg predictions will be sent to me by PM and I will post them hidden and display them after kick-off (otherwise the leader from the first leg could mimic their opponent's second leg predictions to guarantee a win).
The winning players will then play off in a final, by predicting the outcome of the League Two playoff final, the winner of which will be promoted to the Premier League.  Predictions for all playoff fixtures are for the 90 mins, not extra time or penalties.
In the event that Latics make the playoffs, ALL players in the playoff positions will predict Latics's playoff semi-final games and not the other semi final. The final will be based on predictions for the playoff final, regardless of whether Latics make the final.
For all playoff games involving Latics, first scorer prediction will be Latics first scorer (same as regular predictions). Where predicting on games not involving Latics, first scorer predictions will be for the first scorer of the game, regardless of the team.
In the event of a draw in the final, the winner will be determined by the closest attendance prediction, then by total points scored in the playoffs, then by previous attendance predictions if still level.
The Cup
The prediction league will include a cup competition, starting in the new year. The exact format of the cup will be confirmed, once we have established the number of players, but the competition will start with a group stage, followed by a knockout stage, through to a final. Players will be drawn against each other and their scores for a particular fixture will dictate which player wins. In the event of a draw in the knockout games, there will be a replay. In the event of another draw, the predictor with the closest attendance prediction in the replay will progress. In the very unlikely event that they remain tied, we will draw lots.
Players must predict the half-time score; the full-time score; first Latics goalscorer and the match attendance.
e.g. Salford 0-1 Latics (HT 0-0) - Vera - 3,331
Please keep the predictions in this format - it makes Bristolatic's life a lot easier when working on the league tables.
Predictions must be submitted by 10 minutes before the stated kick-off time (for example, if a given fixture is schedule to kick off at 15:00 then a prediction with a time stamp of 14:51 or later on the day on the game will not count); this is because games do occasionally kick-off slightly early. Predictions can also be edited up until the same point. Any prediction edited after that will not count. Predictions must be posted in the correct thread - it sounds simple but people do occasionally get it wrong.
In the event that a player posts more than one prediction for the same fixture, the first submitted prediction will be taken as that player's entry - it's worth keeping this in mind when fixtures are rearranged after a postponement!
For the avoidance of doubt, players cannot predict Latics to score in their result prediction and 'no scorer' in their scorer prediction for the same fixture. Similarly, players cannot predict that Latics will not score and name a first scorer. Nor can players predict a half-time score which does not align with the full time score (e.g. Latics to be 1-0 up at half-time and Latics to lose 1-0). Each full prediction should be a possible outcome of the match. Any predictions submitted which are contrary to this rule will not be counted.
Partial predictions are counted, insofar as they are complete, so long as they are a possible outcome of the game (no hedgebetting, as covered elsewhere in the rules).  So if you forget to include a half-time score prediction, you can obviously not score any points for the HT score but you can still score points for the remainder of your prediction
Scoring works as follows:
  • Correct result (i.e. W,L or D) +2pts
  • Correct no. of goals for Latics +1pt;
  • Correct no. of goals for opposition +1pt;
  • Correct full-time score +2pts;
  • Correct half-time score +2pts;
  • First scorer +3pts;
  • Within 100 of attendance +3pts;
  • Within 10 of attendance +5pts;
  • Exact attendance +20pts;
No 'first goalscorer' points will be awarded if there is no goalscorer (even if you predict no goalscorer).  If the first Latics goal is awarded as an own goal, the first Latics goalscorer prediction will rollover to the next Latics goal in the game (if Latics score another goal).
If you believe that there has been an error in scoring up predictions, please PM Bristolatic and/or me, rather than posting on the forums where it may be missed, and we will look into it.
Please sign up, if you have a spare fiver. The more players we have, the better the competition is and it helps OWTB’s running costs and opinions4u's chosen charity.
Any problems/questions, give me a shout here, by PM or email. Cheers.
Massive thanks as always to @Bristolatic for the hard graft he puts into this.  He does the lion's share of the work, producing the league tables, without which it wouldn't work

Right.  We're on.  Will post full details later but, basically, entry will only be a fiver this year.  That's because there will be no prizes. After last season, I'm not up for having prize money at stake if/when people take issue with how we apply the rules (which is always on the basis of what we think is most honest and fair).


Money will be split between OWTB running costs and the Roy Castle charity, in memory of opinions4u.


Pay by Paypal to stevie_j@owtb.co.uk (note the underscore!).  Leave your OWTB username in the comments.  Alternatively, PM me for bank details for bank transfer.



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2 hours ago, disjointed said:

Typical racehorse owner. 

Counting my winnings! 

I had another one today, Parody in the first at Newton Abbot. Since I got involved with this group I've had five winners from ten runners. Ridiculous!! 

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12 minutes ago, Bristolatic said:

Return to the Premier League at the first attempt?

Either that or going for Vera as first scorer every week for a laugh. 

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1 hour ago, maddog said:


I was in it for glory. And fucked it up. I’m out for this season 🙄

Oi you, get yer 'and in yer pocket (or jorvik's) and cough up and get in there. 


Subtlety usually works :lol:

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