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We have been asked to be regulars on a podcast all about Oldham Athletic. The podcast is called ‘The Boundary Park Alert System’.  We are now onto episode 2. We dissect the Morecambe & Stevenage defeats, discuss our chat with Karl Evans and generally talk all things #oafc. The podcast is across all platforms. We’d love you to get involved and make this podcast about us, the fans #oafc








And many others! Have a listen. Let us know what you think and we will pass the feedback onto the presenter / producer another Oldham Fan Matt Dean

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21 hours ago, PushTheBoundary said:


This is your club and it’s therefore your decision as to where we go next. Please take some time to read our statement and answer a few questions to help shape our next course of action. 

This is OUR club.



Matt needs to make the space for user names one letter bigger doesn't he..!!

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You can still listen to this weeks Boundary Park Alert System, where the following are on the agenda

🔹The 2-0 defeat to Scunthorpe
🔸A special chat with Tony Carss
🔹River Island v Hugo Boss
🔸”He’s the Statman” Tomos Berry




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We are now in a position to take payments for the Melanoma UK PTB shirts. If you have sent us a pre order, check your emails as you will have been sent details of how to make the payment. Orders are being taken until 4th January 2021. Get yours ordered today, details on our website: 




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Great update thanks Adam.


It's been said so many times but why on earth the North Stand could not have been sorted out, especially while fans aren't allowed, is unbelievable. If not a lot of work is needed to get the stand fixed as far as the council is concerned, get it done.


Assuming KE is right and that ML would refuse to conduct a video chat, that's no surprise and speaks volumes about the Lemsagams and their attitude towards the fans. What a piece of work ML is.


I hope HK stays. I don't know if he is a good enough manager to get us promotion if everything else on and off the pitch was rosy, but he's done ok so far and we need stability where the football side of things is concerned.

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From the BBC website:


"A suspected crime boss is still working at the top of world boxing, a BBC Panorama investigation has found."


"Daniel Kinahan has no criminal convictions but has been named in the Irish courts as the head of one of Europe's most prominent drug cartels."


"The suspected gangster helped set up boxing management business MTK Global - but it was announced last year he was stepping away from the sport."


"But the company has now confirmed he still advises some of its boxers."




The club responded to PTB:


"Brandsmiths, the firm **Adam founded, acts for Daniel Kinahan in relation to the bringing a libel action on his behalf against newspapers and broadcasters. The firm is one of the top London firms for media and libel matters and its clients include including Mo Farah and Gordon Ramsay."


"S-Jam, the boxing company that Adam founded, has a relationship with MTK. Other companies including Sky, ESPN, Matchroom/Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren also have a relationship with MTK. Daniel Kinahan exited MTK some time ago."


**Adam is the Latics director Adam Morallee.


PTB would advise supporters against making potentially libellous comments on any form of social media.


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9 hours ago, LaticMark said:

PTB would advise supporters against making potentially libellous comments on any form of social media. Adam has seen comments like “Adam has business interests with crime lord Daniel Kinahan”. He has advised us that this is categorically untrue and that he is running his businesses, which he started from scratch, in a totally legal way. He does not want to take legal action against people online, particularly Oldham fans, but if that allegation is repeated he will have to take action to protect his own reputation.’


Lovely :chubb:

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Can't say I have looked into this in any depth but struggle to see there will be anything significant in it.  Law firms act for all sorts of people on specific issues without any involvement in wider affairs.  Can't go for guilt by association otherwise there'd hardly be any such thing as a defence lawyer.

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