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D Trump

Sleepy Joe Biden

Crooked Hillary Clinton 

Nutty Professor Bernie Sanders

Shane McGowan

Gazza (c)


Dennis Skinner

Ken Clarke 

Andy Goram 

Sir Richard Branson 


Liz 15th November 

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Don King
Pete Doherty
Paul Gascoigne
Ric Flair (Captain)
Michael J Fox
Ghislaine Maxwell

Gordon McQueen 
Shannen Doherty
Nicholas Lyndhurst
Amanda Bynes


Queen date - 6th August

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1 hour ago, Ackey said:

@rosa you want me to :locker: this bad boy up or are you giving Will an unreasonable amount of grace period? :huh:

Cheers Ackey. He won't be out of bed yet, give him til this afternoon. 

@24hoursfromtulsehill - are you refusing to play because we're not putting money on it? Cos I'm pretty sure betting on people dying is illegal. 


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On 11/15/2019 at 12:28 PM, 24hoursfromtulsehill said:

Got time on my hands so I thought I'd start this thread early. It's better than the usual arrangement where someone remembers about it the day after Boxing Day.


Ah yes, the usual arrangement where I remember to post about it a week before people post their teams. Which most people remember to do on new year's eve. 


Lock 'im up, @Ackey

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Was going to edit my post to include that Qasem Soleimani bloke but thought nah I don't want to win that way. 


Unlike some other posters known to be complicit in cheating. 

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