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Next seasons kit teased

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17 hours ago, Simpo said:

Looks like the blue kit will be in the recently seen gradient style, fading from royal blue at the top of the shirt, to navy blue at the bottom.


I expect it will have white shorts/socks with it, which could be swapped with the striped kit's navy blue shorts/socks.


Not sure I like the sound of that, but we''ll see!

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1 hour ago, Dick_Valentine said:

Am I the only one that thinks 125 years isn’t much of a big deal? 
100 years obviously, 150 yes, but 125?? 

After these last 10 years, achieving 125 years is bordering on miraculous and worthy of a celebration.  

Got the 100 years mug from 1995 & the 100 years at Boundary Park shirt from 2004/05 season and remember Luke Beckett banging in the goals... 15 years seems like a lifetime.


Will it be Dearnley wearing it or will Uncle Abdallah surprise us all with a new signing or two 

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3 hours ago, deyres42 said:

Should it not have been a year long celebration rather than one starting in September* ?

Pine villa started 125 years ago today. Guessing that's why the reveal is today and this coming season is the celebration 

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Really smart imo. (on second thought, maybe a few too many colours going on. Royal blue, navy blue, white, orange, red.)



As it says on the official site, a special third commemorative kit is also being made, which will be worn at home in cup games.


The classic blue and white?

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22 minutes ago, Magic Mikey said:

Nice enough as a standard home shirt. Totally underwhelming as an anniversary one. 

Couldn’t agree more. How is this different to any other kit announcement? Just another slight variation on the same theme with a commemorative badge on. 

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I’m really, really REALLY trying to keep completely impartial but everything about our club in the last few years has been so underwhelming.


Didnt expect much from this shirt and the club hasn’t ceased to amaze me.


125 years, big build up and some great media content then..... a bog standard training top with our old badge slapped on it.  The badge is only redeeming feature - no nod to our history, none of our heritage, not even a full unveiling with a new signing... not even a club sponsor.  Fuck me we’ve had 12 months to plan for this and it’s meh and slipped into the media via brief post.


Looking for a sponsor?  Don’t bother.  Just slap the word Moribund on it.  Most appropriate word to define the current hierarchy and their plans to rejuvenate our great club.  Hate’s a strong word but I really, really, REALLY hate Mr Lemsagam 

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Hmmm they gave this the big 125 years build up and then... released a totally standard shirt that could have been from any time in the last 50 years.


I mean it’s fine. And the badge is obviously great. But.... sigh.



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