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Some games from the distant past which I know were shown on TV, recordings of which may or may not still exist (if they do, I've never seen them, apart from the original transmissions):


19/11/66 FLD3 QPR 0-1 Latics  (from the first year of the Bates-McIlroy era, when we briefly had a very decent side - Best, Kinnell, Johnston, Towers, Knighton, etc. QPR won the division and the League Cup at Wembley that season, so this was quite a result!)


27/11/71 FLD3 Latics 0-6 Aston Villa (Andy Lochhead scored a hat trick for Villa, Bruce Rioch also on target with two long range piledrivers).


29/12/73 FLD3 Latics 0-3 Watford (third in a run of four consecutive defeats over the Xmas-New Year period, followed by ten consecutive wins!).


06/04/74 FLD3 Latics 2-2 Tranmere (poor performance, late equalizer from Lochhead saved our blushes).


13/4/74 FLD3 Bristol Rovers 1-2 Latics (the result which enabled us to finish one point clear of Rovers to win the Div 3 championship).



The QPR and Bristol games were on BBC Match Of The Day, the others were shown on Granada's Sunday programme. The goals from the Watford game can be seen on this review of the 73-74 season from the 07:45 mark:https://youtu.be/kbAIrk55ex4




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