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Frankie was a solid appointment slated by some on here. He was treated like a sack of shit. Disgraceful. Don't treat a hero like that, especially after a few months. He was doing okay. He was bui

And people are still prepared to debate the merits of managers on here and reckon all our problems will go away if Kewell ends up being the next fall guy    Kewell will go as a last resort an

After weeks of absolute shite we are now seeing a massive improvement in both performances and results. We are by no means there yet but for about 20 minutes at Valley Parade today we were absolu

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Performance embarrassing...

Manager seems clueless...

Another embarrassing club statement appears then disappears...

Players being frozen out 2 weeks into the season

A week ago I actually had some optimism...

I now just can't be arsed after attending games for 45 years

Please just fuck off you incompetent pricks!


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13 minutes ago, nzlatic said:

Wouldn't surprise me if Kewell does a runner before pushed.  His only chance to save a bit of face as things are almost certainly heading even further into the shit.


He already is exhibiting that haunted look that accompanies OAFC managers during their reigns under the Lemsagems. I have noted how much better both Frank Bunn and Paul Scholes look nowadays rather than during their short tenures at the club.  

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2 minutes ago, BP1960 said:


Wonder if it might be postponed?


If Leyton can’t field a team their Carabao cup tie gets handed to Tottenham as there’s no room to reschedule.


don’t know if same would apply to the tinpot cup but it would be more efficient to just give Wolves the tie and save 90 minutes of electric on the flood lights for the same result 

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My advice is for all the young and not so old to exchange bodily fluids so they can catch Covid and build some herd immunity to give us old codgers a chance.  Trying to hide again will definitely make the cure worse than the virus

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